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What To Expect.


Upon arrival you will be welcomed to the office and asked to complete a medical questionnaire in order to ensure we have a complete medical history as a reference point for your current health status.


Dr. Anne Bowness will sit with you to review your medical history, concerns, and physical ailments in order to gain insight on your conditions.

Initial Examination

Time will be spent examining you in order to evaluate your range of motion, flexibility, reflex response, pain levels, posture, along with specific tests to narrow down the cause of your complaints.  At this point a diagnosis is made and your condition will be explained to you.  This will be followed by a discussion about your treatment plan and expected outcomes.  (If further testing is required it may be ordered before treatment begins.)

You will be examined as a “whole” not just as “part” that is not functioning properly.

Treatment Process

The treatment process is really not only the adjustments; it is really a process that involves you and Dr. Bowness.

If you listen to what Dr. Bowness has to say, and do your exercises you will get better quicker and see her less… it’s as simple as that.

Treatment Options

Spinal adjustments, acupuncture, posture correction, physical therapy, massage therapies, exercise therapy, post-operative rehab., ultrasound, electric stimulation, TENS, vibromax, vibration plates, balance exercises  and other modalities can be called upon to ensure your road to good health is successful.


Your Homework

Dr. Bowness will prescribe range of motion exercises and strengthening exercises, as well as ongoing homecare practices that will help to speed your recovery.  Having a balance between good core strength and flexibility will ensure that the restoration of your good health stays with you. 

It is also important that you update Dr. Bowness on the status of your body when returning to the office for follow up visits. This information is key to finding out what works for you in your everyday life

Maintenance Program

Much like a car, house, or garden the human body needs to be maintained in order to continue to function at maximum health levels. A mixture of ingredients goes into the maintenance program to yield you the best results. Intermittent spinal adjustments, physical activity such as stretches and movement exercises, a healthy diet and positive mental attitude will result in a healthy happy you!

The whole idea is to keep you in the game longer!